Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wedding Bliss

Update: All photos are up here now!

Couple photos from last Saturday's wedding. I wasn't the official photographer or anything. Just the obnoxious friend with a camera, haha!

The bride's parents watching their first dance.

View from the pew!

Beautiful cake! The flower's were done by the maid-of-honor. Also the bride's sister. She's so talented!

Lighting the unity candle.

The maid-of-honor and flower girl, also sisters of the bride, look on during the ceremony.

These photos are copyrighted! Do NOT copy!


  1. Wow, great photos! I wish I had a friend who just casually took that kind of photos. :-)

    (Thanks for your blog comment)

  2. Well you SHOULD have been the official photographer!!!

  3. These are great, and very creative. :p

  4. nice job! I especially like the perspective of #2. and thanks for visiting my blog :)

  5. I love the one of the parents watching the first dance! Great framing :)